Net Consumers – The Home of Financial Company Reviews

Here at Net Consumers we aim to give you all the information you need to know about companies in the Finance Industry in the UK. Specifically we aim to focus on the sub-prime segment, which includes debt collectors and finance for those with bad credit ratings.

We aim to give you the ‘net consumer’, the opportunity to say exactly how you feel. Perhaps you’ve had great service or perhaps you’ve been badly treated. We want to hear about it – good and bad. There are some great companies out there and also some very bad ones. Information is power.

Currently we have information about debt collectors, and we plan to expand that to debt management companies, payday loan and logbook loan companies such as Car Cash Point. We’re here to give anybody the forum to say how they feel, and to add comments about companies that they have interacted with.

We’ve already published two very detailed guides on Debt Management and IVA’s (individual voluntary arrangements), and we plan to add more detailed guides over the coming months, plus of course we have information and contact details for the main UK debt collectors such as Mackenzie Hall, Wescot Credit Services, and Scotcall.